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Vitality and abundance are your birth right. 

Deep within your bones is a wild, magical woman whose essence longs to connect back to the Earth.

Elder Moon is a portal for you to rekindle your connection to the wisdom of the Earth and reignite your healing fire.  

A decade ago I became enchanted by the plants after traveling the world from Central America to East Africa and back and realizing that our connection to the natural world is what truly empowers even the most disenfranchised communities on this planet.   

When I returned home from my travels I went back to the thing which is at each of our roots, the plant kingdom. 

"I feel so blessed to have met Courtney.  She really took the time to listen and understand me.  Her care was so much more personal than what I experienced at all the doctors I had seen.  I am so grateful for her divine handcrafted remedies that are infused with so much love and intention." 

-Christine G.

Handcrafted Plant Remedies

from our garden to you

I started crafting herbal medicine almost a decade ago from the wild plants of Appalachia that grew just beyond my doorstep.  My friends and family adored the remedies so much that I began to share them with the world.    Over time my herbal practice deepened alongside my adoration for the plants.  Our gardens expanded and I become more in tune with my role as a steward of the wild medicines.  The formulas we sell today are a reflection of the deep love that has been formed over these years of devoted study herbalism and relationship to the plants.

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Filled with herbal recipes, remedies + rituals, our blog is here to give you tools to connect deeper to the natural world and yourself.

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