The wisdom of nature is within you

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"I feel so blessed to have met Courtney.  She really took the time to listen and understand me.  Her care was so much more personal than what I experienced at all the doctors I had seen.  I am so grateful for her divine handcrafted remedies that are infused with so much love and intention." 

-Christine G.

You are a gift to the earth

You were born to embody radiant wellness,

and experience joy!

The keys to unlocking your inner wisdom are growing all around you.

This is your time to get back to the earth and re-discover the infinte wisdom within. 

If you're ready to realize the energy to manifest your dreams, embody your purpose and become more in tune body, mind and spirit, you're in the right place.


Intuitively weaving together herbal medicine, stone medicine, and energy work I connect you with nature's keys to unlock health and vitality.

Get to know me, Courtney Paige

the medicine woman behind Elder Moon

a bit of earth magic

in the palm of your hands

Crafted along the rhythms of the earth, cosmos, with the purest ingredients & intentions 

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Filled with herbal recipes, remedies + rituals, our blog is here to give you tools to connect deeper to the natural world and yourself.

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