Happy to be on this Earth with you! 💕🌱

 I'm Courtney

I am herbalist, writer, artist & medicine woman who is (literally) dancing behind the scenes at Elder Moon Botanicals.


I am dedicated to providing compassionate care that connects folks back to their inner compass so that they can navigate toward greater health.   


A mountain woman through and through, I was born and raised in the ancient hills of Appalachia.   I've lived my life with a deep reverence for the natural wonder of this planet and a deep passion for finding the ways in which humanity can not only live in harmony with the ecosystem, but truly thrive within it . 

It was around ten years ago that I became enchanted by the plants after traveling the world from Central America to East Africa and back and realizing that our connection to the natural world is what truly empowers even the most disenfranchised communities on this planet.   

When I returned home from my travels I went back to the thing which is at each of our roots, the plant kingdom. 


The transformation I underwent when I  finally awakened to the innate sense and connection that we all harbor for the natural world is truly indescribable.  The best way I can explain it is that it was like a garden began to bloom where fallow land once lay and I was left standing in awe at the sheer wonder that was right in front of me the whole time

Echinacea (Echinacea purpurea) is an inc

It took me nearly 5 years before I took the leap of faith to fully pursue my path as an herbalist and medicine woman.   I took up a year long apprenticeship with a naturopath in the West Virginia hills and began to seek out the plants and their teachings at every chance I found.  After my appreticeship I dove deeper and obtained my degree in Plant Studies from Maryland University of Integrative Health.   Never done learning,  I am currently furthering my studies with The School of Evolutionary Herbalism.  Through my pursuits I have come to understand that our connection to the plant kingdom is integral to unlocking the healing potential of the human body.   


The human body is resilient and capable of healing and plant remedies play a vital role. 


Illness is part of a deeper message from our bodies, if we are to heal we must go beyond the physical body and look at our emotional and energetic needs as well.  As an herbalist I work with the vital force that is found with in all living things to help restrengthen and realign the body toward health. The plants are so uniquely able to help us achieve this because they are living, sentient beings.  We literally evolved alongside them for billions of years and are you ready for this?!....We share much of the same genetic materials as our plant counterparts


 Through my practice I incorporate the plants and the innate wisdom of the human body to support the individual's healing journey.  The beliefs that create the foundation of my practice are  that true wellness begins within, healing comes from a balance of our physical, mental, and spiritual selves, plants are sentient beings willing to engage in the healing of people and the planet and that the remedy is as unique as the individual.  By looking at the whole person, identifying the root cause of imbalance, and taping into our intuition we have the opportunity to identify patterns of dis-ease and bring about greater wellness. 

If you're still with me, awesome!  I am so grateful that our paths have crossed and to be a part of your healing journey.   I am honored to serve individuals on their path in simple and meaningful ways.   

Our little herb shop is filled with plant remedies crafted using time honored methods with organically grown and consciously harvested herbs straight from our garden, local farms, or other wild places. 

If you are in need of sound herbal advice don't hesitate to set up a one on one consultation with me.  These consultations are structured to give you the time you deserve to dive deep into your health and find your path to healing.

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