If we are to embody healing, we must turn inward.  

Wellness in its truest sense is accessed through the medicine of experience.  It is not gained externally, it arises from within us during moments of awareness in which we connect to our inner knowing.   Healing does n...

The heart beats to a universal rhythm akin to the rhythm that incites the flowers to open and the

tides to move.  It is our access point to an infinite wisdom.  A wisdom that is not quantifiable but can be felt in simple moments like bearing witness...

There are few herbs I have found with as much lore and tradition surrounding them them as Elder (Sambucus nigra).  Every part of this European native has been used for centuries as food and medicine to combat inflammation and allay fever. Its gifts reach beyond it...

There is something undoubtedly magical about Winter and the holiday season.  I cherish the spark of magic held within Winter Solstice and Christmas as we collectively celebrate the possibility of miracles, the joy of giving,  and the cycles of the natural world.   I fi...

The soft, golden hues of the lingering sun in the evenings and the cool breeze blowing in the seasons’ change remind me that life is a constant state of transition.

In Chinese medicine change is described as Wind. It is fluid, it is constant. At times it is as welcomed...

Passionflower empowers us to remain present. It reminds us that what has happened before does not define us and what is to come is a manifestation of our decisions in the here and now.

Its medicine is soothing to the mind and calming the cycle of chattering thoughts and...

“It's not by accident that the pristine wilderness of our planet disappears as the understanding of our own inner wild nature fades.”

Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Women Who Run With Wolves

Hello, I am Courtney Paige the herbalist and concoctress behind Elder Moon Botanicals...

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I'm Courtney Paige an herbalist & mother with a passion for connecting people with plants and living closely to the Earth. 

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