When you call your soul back into all that you do, true transformation begins...


Immerse Yourself in a Truly Holistic Healing Journey-

Mind, Body, and Soul 

If you're ready to experience vitality and abundance in your life but you're feeling disconnected-

Let's get together for a cup of tea and chat about how you can call upon with the wisdom of herbal medicine, the rhythms of the earth, and your own intuitive guidance to remember the deep truth of you. 

After working with Courtney I feel deeply seen and empowered to trust my inner knowing

"I highly recommend Courtney for those who want to really dive into their full spectrum of healing.

Courtney's care and knowledge beam through her gentle eyes. Her attention to a truly vitalist/ holistic take on herbalism leaves you feeling deeply seen and empowered. She weaves together multiple disciplines seamlessly to give you an experience rooted in earth wisdom creating self trust/knowing."

- Taylor Erin Schleith, Songwriter & Herbalist 

Austin, TX


On the other side of uncertainty, doubt, and fear is a life filled with abundance and joy- and that is what we're going to achieve!

Stepping into your power and truth, trusting your intuition, and taking control over your wellness can be intimidating. 


It is a lot easier to hide from your power and remain stuck.

But staying stuck means the world would miss out on the incredible gift of you!

In coaching I weave together shamanic meditation, plant & stone medicine, energy medicine, and tarot to create a truly diverse and holistic approach to healing.

You will leave each session feeling more grounded, at ease, and in tune with truest self and highest knowing.

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What is it like to work with Courtney?


I was able to heal past things that have weighed me down!

"I highly recommend Courtney of Elder Moon. I had a safe and authentic experience where I could let my authentic light shine. I was able to heal and move past things that have weighed me down for some time and my physical health has improved as well. Sharing your journey with Courtney is one of the best decisions you will make.

- Kaylin McCarthy, Entrepreneur & Yoga Instructor

I'm taking charge of my life again!

"After a long time of allowing others to dictate my life I am finally learning how to take charge. I am clearing away the negative vibes replacing them with the real me and the truth. Getting grounded in mother earth helps.me with that. Thank you."

-Barbara Curran-Holst, Sales Consultant

I feel plugged back in and have a more grounded perspective!

"I have come away with more grounded, whole perspective on my life, my passions and how I would like to move my life forward. I can’t wait for the opportunity to work with you again! Thank you so much! "

-Charlotte Nolan, Yoga Teacher London, UK

I have all the power inside of me to do what my heart and soul wants!

"After years in an emotionally and physically abusive relationship, I got out. There is and always will be that constant battle between knowing what is true and what was constantly fed to me.  During these sessions, a lightning bolt struck me. I am what I want to be and I have all the power inside of me to do what my heart and soul wants. Thank you so much Courtney!!!"

- Avie Heidenfelder, Herbalist

Are you ready t0 connect to the highest manifestation of you?

Let's walk together on this journey of discovery and remembering.

We will weave our way through what is holding you back, unlock your deepest intuitive wisdom, and create rituals and remedies to support you on your journey.

You will remember what it feels like to embody the wisdom of your bones, and rekindle your flame of connection and inner knowing.


It's so awesome to meet you! Let me share some more about who I am & wny I am devoted to this work...


 I'm Courtney Paige mother of two kiddos and four fur babies, loving partner and medicine woman.  I'm an herbalist, shamanic practioner, intuitive coach and overall soulful being.

I have a Post-Bachelorette degree in Herbal Medicine and have been studying shamanic journeywork for 8 years.  I devoted my life to the medicine path as the founder of Elder Moon.

My work with plants and people is seeded in these truths-

  • Holistic healing begins by remembering what it means to be embodied on this earth! 

  • You are filled with divine intelligence and a the world deserves to experience your unique medicine! 

  • This world changes when powerful women like you to awaken to that truth!

I am here to support you to connect back to your inner compass so you can navigate toward the life of your dreams.