Medicine Keeper Monthly

A monthly guide to deepen your relationship to the plants, your self, and to healing sent directly to you

Are you a budding herbalist with a deep desire to go beyond surface level Remedies

Do you dream of a home apothecary filled with dried herbs and bottled tinctures?

Do you want to gain the wisdom and know how to treat your family and friends with herbal remedies?

Do you dream of going deeper to understand the plants on a energetic and spiritual level?

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the amount of information available about herbal remedies?

The monthly herbal is an incredible tool to support you on your plant path, at whatever stage you're at.  

Each month you receive a medicine card for the herb of the month and a .pdf guide to that month's plant.


We go in depth for each remedy, giving you the time and focus needed to really become aquainted with that plant.  We teach you how to identify it in the wild, how to grow it in your garden, how to most effectively make it into a remedy, how to safely administer it. We cover its physical, energetic, and spiritual, and magical properties.

When you join us you receive a printable _ page .pdf guide to making herbal remedies at home.  This is the foundation that guides you throughout your journey in the monthly medicines.  In it I teach you simple way to connect deeper to the plants through plant spirit communication and how to use the knowledge you gain from the plants and from your subscription to make effective home remedies.  


 It includes how to make your own tincture, glycerite, infusion, tea, oxymeal, flower essence, salve.  And how to choose what type of remedy is most effective based on the type of herb you're working with so that you make a potent, effective remedy each time.  

Unlock the world of plant medicine

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