Herbs & Rituals for Times of Change

Updated: May 29

In the evening golden hues paint the tips of fresh blooms as the lingering sun sinks below the horizon, making way for a new beginning. The cool evening breeze brushes against me, a reminder that life is always in transition.

Change is the rhythm of nature.

The buds of yesterday will always wilt and fall, they must become the fertilizer for the seeds of tomorrow.

Acceptance and surrender to the bitter sweet nectar of the in between keeps us vital as we move through the cycles of life. But it can be painful to let go of what is safe and comfortable or say good bye to someone or something we love.

Transition makes the heart tender. It softens us and makes us vulnerable. It is in these spaces that we most need to feel safe and supported.

Over the years I've gathered tools to help me navigate the growing pains of transition.

This guide is filled with plants and rituals to hold you through painful and uncertain times. They are here to remind you of your strength and grace as you walk into the unknown.

A Mantra for the Tender Heart

To be repeated as needed to inspire faith

As a flower in the Summer Sun

My heart blooms freely

With grace I surrender to the rhythms of life, death, life

Welcoming all that comes as a stream

I flow into my current with ease

I am protected, I am strong, I am able

Ritual | Weave Magic

Clarity Through Transition

The goal of this ritual is to become aware of your fears, identify your strengths and recognize that you are infinitely supported. Maybe you'll think, "This is too woo woo for me..." If its not your thing, that's cool but know that there is incredible power in setting intention clearly and a wellspring of universal energy available to support you whenever you are ready to call upon it. This doesn't need to be overly complicated and it can be adapted to whatever your spiritual beliefs are.

If you're ready...

Gather your journal, a pen, a candle and any magical tools that represent this time of transition to you. This could be things like a crystal (clear quartz for clarity is good here) , a leaf or flower, a photograph, an object, etc..

Find a comfortable space. Take a deep breath. Arrange your magical tools and journal in front of you.

Lighting your candle, visualize a golden light enveloping you like a bubble.

And speak these words:

"Thank you fire spirit for acting as a beacon as I navigate safely through transition."

If it feels right to you, you can call in your angels/guides/ancestors by saying,

"I welcome my benevolent guides/angels/ancestors to support my highest good on my journey at this time."


Ask yourself, "How are you feeling?" as though you are speaking to your beloved. Allow your emotions to flood you, don't shut down. Feel them and honor them. It's okay to feel.

Observe physical sensations, placing your palm gently over them in recognition.

Embrace yourself as you would a child, accepting yourself entirely without judgement or condemnation. Trust yourself completely.

When you feel in a space of authentic emotion, take out your journal and write everything that comes to you.

You will be surpriseed at how much surfaces from simply allowing your pen to hit paper without judgement.

When you feel ready, you can close the circle by saying, "Thank you fire spirit, guides/angels/ancestors for providing this supportive space as I honor my emotions and exercise my strength." Then blow out the candle and visualize your energy filling every cell of your body. Shake your hands and your feet to release any residual energy and allow yourself a gentle space to integrate.

Herbal Remedies for Transitional Spaces

Transitional spaces can feel overwhelming. Uncertainty for the future can feel defeating and as much as we wish we could control what is to come, we are forced to surrender. If ever you feel lost, sorrowful, or unsure these plant allies are here to help you through.

Here are my personal favorites:

Milky Oats (Avena sativa): This herb is a supremely restorative tonic for the nervous system. It is ideal for times when we feel depleted mentally, physically, and energetically. It medicine acts as a needed embrace in times when we have pushed too far and need a safe space to rest and find solace.* Take as a tincture 2 full droppers 3x daily.

Passionflower (Passiflora incarnata): One of my favorite all time plant allies for its soothing properties, beautiful blossoms and sweet aroma. Passionflower empowers you to remain in our "current". Life flows on, so embrace the journey as it flows to you. Taken as a tincture 1 full dropper squeeze 3 x a day. Note: Passionflower is a sedative and may cause drowsiness.*

Mimosa Flower (Albizia julibrissin) : Mimosa comes from the Chinese tradition. It is grounding and uplifting. Although it is a non-native you can find its blooms across the United States mid-Summer and the pops of pink and sweet aroma themselves are enough to bring peace of mind and a smile.* Taken as a tincture 1-2 droppers full daily.

St. John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum) The light bringer. This beautiful plant is probably one of the most notorious herbal remedies for depression and nervous tension. Its flowers bloom a radiant yellow that is reminiscent of the sunshine itself and its medicine uplifts and protects us when we are most vulnerable.* Taken as a tincture, 1-2 droppers full daily or as a tea 1 Tbsp/8 oz of water up to 3 times daily.

Hawthorn Berry (Crataegus monogyna) I have yet to find a better ally to nourish the heart than hawthorn. The heart houses the essence of your being. It is the organ which connects you to spirit and moves your vital force. The heart is greatly impacted by the stress and grief of transition. Hawthron helps to nourish and protect this vital organ through uncertainty.*Take as a tincture 2 droppers full 3 times daily.

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