|| Uplifting, Nurturing, Protective || (Rosa spp.)


Consider the feeling of encountering a blooming rose, the softness of the petals passing across your cheeks as you lean in closer to breathe in its uplifting aroma. At once your concerns melt away and you are left with a glimpse into the heart of this world and a simple secret to happiness...  That despite the many thorns that come along with the journey of life, there is incredible beauty and grace to be found in each moment and your life is full of purpose.  Your tension releases as you realize that all that truly matters is this moment right here, right now, gratitude flushes through your body as you connect to the essential nature of living, and intense peace comes over you mind, body, and spirit.


The flower essence of Rose provides us with direct contact to the wisdom of this plant Deva.  The imprint of it's spirit encoded in fresh spring water under the rising sun of a midsummer day.   Regularly taken this essence imbues grace and wisdom into living by empowering us to live from a place of trust in the divine nature of reality Rose provides protection and a deep sense of inner peace.  Its offer of support is extended to times of loss or insecurity, or deep worry or regret.  


This listing is for a 1 fl oz stock bottle. Dosage is 4 drops on the lounge or gently.massaged on the pulse point inside the wrist or behind the ear 4 x daily.Distilled from the white rose blossoms of early summer in fresh spring water and preserved with brandy. To get a customized fllower essence formula book a session

Rose Flower Essence