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“It's not by accident that the pristine wilderness of our planet disappears as the understanding of our own inner wild nature fades.”

Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Women Who Run With Wolves

Hello, I am Courtney Paige the herbalist and concoctress behind Elder Moon Botanicals. I am a medicine woman, a messenger of plant stories, a writer, a healer, an artist, a mother and a creator. I was formally trained through the Maryland University of Integrative Health in Herbal Medicine but have had many dear teachers over close to a decade of studying plant remedies, the best of which have been the plants themselves!

Beyond the labels that I identify with, I am a woman reclaiming my wildness and my link to the Love which exists within all Creation. I am slowing down and remembering the connection to Nature and Spirit that many humans seem to have forgotten. By slowing down in the wild Earth, I am remembering my deeper purpose, and finding my place within its cycles and rhythms.

Among the plants my Soul is joyous. I feel akin to the soil, to the air, to the water, to the Sun, Moon and Cosmos. Through this connection I have found healing and a depth of knowing which I have only felt within the kingdom of the plants and the wild. When I am in this place of my Self I feel an incredible sense of inner peace and of gratitude for the rhythms of life & death. This for me is to know Love, existing as a witness to the wild beauty of Creation. When I am disconnected from this place I feel lost, and long for the moment when I will be my wild self again. I have spent my life seeking, longing for deeper understanding and a stable place to grab foothold and claim my place within this sacred way. I feel that many others feel this same sense of longing for the wild, for connection to the Earth and Spirit. So, I live as a bridge to this deeper place of the wild Self, as a translator through the medicines I make and the stories I share.

Flower Hike

Through my seeking I formed Elder Moon Botanicals. We are a mobile apothecary filled with wild Earth medicines and teas to soothe the Spirit.

There is a level of healing that comes from herbal remedies which has no words and yet we attempt to contain it within our books, language, manuals, and guides. We give the plants names, describe their constituents, and tell stories of their origins. With loving intention, we bottle them and boil them, so that we may be one with their essence, and reconnect to that which is unspeakable. As herbal healers, it is through the plants that we build bridges, attempting to open the heart, mind, and body to the wildness which we long for as human beings. It is through the plants' gifts that we palliate the aching we feel from our deeper, spiritual selves; the aching which reminds us that we are more than our attachments to this time, that we are a part of a greater Consciousness that is timeless. It is with this we can find Peace knowing that there will be challenge, disease, death, birth, miracles, joy and that all of it is reason to celebrate, as it is all a part of the waves we are riding on this adventure which was born before time ever was.

I have gone through many transitions in my life and I have struggled through times of disconnect to my self and to Spirit. At many points during my growing into a woman I have felt lost, depressed, and confused. The plants were my guides and my solace. When I turned my back on my self, the plants were there to remind me that Love is real and that it exists Everywhere.

My service is one of gratitude to the plants, to the people, and to the inner wild nature which resides within each one of us. It is to Spirit, in its many forms, and to the healing of the scars which we have created in our detachment

My practice is my humble attempt to harness pieces of this wildness, to reconnect the pieces which we may forget. My service is one of gratitude to the plants, to the people, and to the inner wild nature which resides within each one of us. It is to Spirit, in its many forms, and to the healing of the scars which we have created in our detachment. The medicines I create carry the Love and commitment I feel to this. They are of a deep quality, for the intentions I place in each bottle are pure. As my practice continues to evolve, I will seek more unique ways to share the gifts of the Plants and of Spirit with you.

Mullein Blooming