Passionflower | Calm the Mind. Center the Heart.

Passionflower empowers us to remain present. It reminds us that what has happened before does not define us and what is to come is a manifestation of our decisions in the here and now.

Passionflower blooming

Its medicine is soothing to the mind and calming the cycle of chattering thoughts and worries, creating a space where the heart may take lead. When our mind is at peace, our heart’s message may be clearly heard. It is from that heart space that we receive the messages of the soul, where we can feel God, touch the truth. All that we wonder and wander for the heart understands.

The lesson passionflower shares is to remain in the “current”. Reality is like a stream, always flowing in one direction. If we are stuck in the past, we will be constantly swimming against the current and will tire quickly. On the other hand if we are always looking ahead to the future we may miss what is right in front of us and fail to navigate the obstacles we are facing. Passionflower aids us to stay in our current by releasing the mind from worry and bringing it to peace.

Passionflower grows as a vine, reaching out to the plants surrounding it for support as it grows. This act can serve as a reminder that when we are facing worry or pain it is okay to “reach out”

to those around you for support. Seeking out loved ones to lean on is a powerful act of vulnerability and opens the hearts of both yourself and those who you reach to.

Another beautiful trait of passionflower is that each of its flowers opens for only a day or two

. If It is pollinated it grows beautiful fruit full of seeds and delicious sweet and tart pulp. The life cycle of Passionflower acts as a sweet reminder of the rhythms of Earth and the evolving nature of our existence.

By definition, Passionflower (Passiflora incarnata) is a hypnotic, anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, anti-depressant, and hypotensive nervine that is used to in modern western herbalism primarily to promote rest, alleviate nightmares, decrease occurrence of seizures, calm nervous tension and hypertension. Its' taste profile is slightly bitter and it is cooling and drying in its actions.

We are fortunate in Southern Appalachia to have an abundace of wild Passionflower vines across un-mowed fields and forest edges. An encounter with these rich purple blooms and aroma of sweet nectar is enough to soothe the spirit and open the heart.