Transitional Spaces | Self care through life's seasons

The soft, golden hues of the lingering sun in the evenings and the cool breeze blowing in the seasons’ change remind me that life is a constant state of transition.

In Chinese medicine change is described as Wind. It is fluid, it is constant. At times it is as welcomed as a gentle breeze on a mid-Summers day. Other times transitions come in squalls that cause our roots to upturn and force us to find new soil, maybe even redefine who we are.

While we cannot be certain of what the other side of transition will look like we can be sure that nothing remains in the same in the natural world. Change is the rhythm of life.

The buds of yesterday bloom to eventually wilt and fall to fertilize the seeds of tomorrow.

Our ability to accept and surrender to transitional spaces is what keeps us vital as we move through the cycles and rhythms of life. Ultimately, we cannot resist the inevitable. The winds of change blow in, bringing in new seasons of life, death and ultimately rebirth.

My intention and focus for the changing season are releasing resistance to transitional spaces and sinking into the bitter sweet nectars of the in-between.

One way to focus our intentions and remind ourselves of our goals is through the use of a mantra. Mantras are sounds, words, or phrases that are intended to be repeated often to promote concentration. They are traditionally used in meditative spaces but can be adapted to whatever best fits the rhythm of your daily life. I've shared my mantra to focus myself to remain open hearted through transitional spaces below. Feel free print it out or write it on a sheet of paper and place it on an altar or in your purse, backpack, desk, or wherever you feel it will best serve you.

I've also shared below a short writing prompt for creating intentional space to focus your mind and release what is holding you back through the changing seasons of life, whatever that means for you.

Finally, there is a list of herbal allies I turn to if I feel I need of support through transitional spaces.

A Mantra for the Open Heart

As a flower on the final days of Summer

My heart blooms freely

Gracefully I accept the flowing rhythms of life

Budding, Blossoming, Fading, and Falling

The blooms of yesterday fertilize the seeds of tomorrow

Surrendering to the rhythms of life, death, life

I know my worth and trust my purpose

Welcoming all that comes as a stream

I flow into my current with ease

Creating Intentions for the Changing Seasons of Life

Find a comfortable space. Take a deep breath. Clear your mind.

Use this find a space that resonates with you, a notebook, a special piece of paper, a napkin, whatever you feel to write freely your intentions for the weeks, months, years ahead.

Then, reflect on what is holding you back? Fears, anger, worry, guilt and negative emotions cause us to shut us down and prevent us from living to our fullest potential.

Reflect on where negative emotions may be held consciously or unconsciously within your mind. Observe if you feel any physical sensations linked to the negative emotions. Make note of any pain or points of tension. Take time to write out your emotions. Welcome them in, embrace them as a child. Accept them as a part of you, and allow them to be felt, heard, to serve their purpose and be released as petals of a fading flower falling to the ground to fertilize fresh seeds

Botanicals for Transitional Spaces

Transitional spaces can at times overwhelm. There are moments when we may feel defeated, unsure of what the future holds and forced to surrender to the natural rhythms of life. When we feel lost, sorrowful, or unsure can turn to plant allies to help us through.

Here are some of my personal favorites:

Milky Oats : This herb is a supremely nourishing tonic for the nervous system. It is ideal for the periods of life where we feel depleted mentally, physically, and energetically. Its virtues are anti-depressant and nutritive and demulcent. It offers its medicine as a needed embrace in times when we have pushed too far and need a safe space to rest and find solace.

Passionflower: One of my favorite all time plant allies not only because of its wonderful properties but also its beautiful blossoms and sweet aroma. Passionflower empowers us to

remain in our "current". It reminds us that life flows in one direction and eases the mind so that we can release our resistance to transitional spaces and embrace our journey as it flows to us.

Mimosa Flower: Mimosa is considered anti-depressant herbal ally that comes to us from the Chinese tradition. There is not much written about Mimosa in the Western Materia Medica but if you look to the Eastern traditions of herbal practice you will find a good bit of information on this grounding and uplifting plant. Although it is a non-native you can find its blooms across the United States mid-Summer and the pops of pink and sweet aroma themselves are enough to bring peace of mind and a smile.

St. John’s Wort: This beautiful plant is probably one of the most notorious herbal remedies for

depression and nervous tension. It also has incredible wound healing properties and is a powerful anti-microbial. Its flowers bloom forth in a radiant yellow that is reminiscent of the sunshine itself and its medicine uplifts and protects us when we are most vulnerable.

Hawthorn Berry: I have yet to find a better plant ally for nourishing the heart than hawthorn berry. Our heart houses the essence of our being. It is the organ where we are able to connect deeply to our souls, our purpose, and to love. It is responsible pumping our blood, moving our vital force. The heart also is greatly impacted by stress, heartbreak and emotion. When we are deep in transitional spaces it is wise to strengthen and protect this vital space.

I hope that these are helpful to you!

If you have rituals or botanicals that you would like to share, please feel free to do so. Share this and revisit as needed.


Courtney Paige

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