Experiencing Tea | A Daily Ritual to Cultivate Wellness

If we are to embody healing, we must turn inward.

Wellness in its truest sense is accessed through the medicine of experience. It is not gained externally, it arises from within us during moments of awareness in which we connect to our inner knowing. Healing does not come from the “other”, it is not a result of the physiological properties of plants or drugs or the hands of a healer. The “other” is merely a vessel to connect us with the innate intelligence that resides within our own mind, body and spirit.

The medicine of experience is held between moments, in the spaces of quietude that afford us the opportunity to access the forgotten fissures of our consciousness and unearth the pieces of our selves that we bury away beneath our to-do lists. The medicine that awakens our being and ignites us to transform disease comes from awareness and reverence for the experience.

It is not enough to practice wellness if we hope to truly heal. We can fill our medicine cabinets with supplements and exercise daily but if we are not taking time out to experience wellness, to feel deep gratitude and validation for our experience of humanness then we risk missing the message that disease is trying to convey to us.

As a culture we are conditioned to value the quick, the easy, the tangible. But reality expands beyond the tangible. Disease arises not only on a physical plane but on a mental and spiritual plane as well. This is the wisdom shamanic practices around the world have based their healing ceremonies on for thousands of years.

Integrating a holistic wellness routine requires us to slow down, connect to the vibration of the world around us and become aware of our vibration within it. We can begin by creating intentional moments in our day. This can be as simple as taking time to bear witness to the beauty of the natural world by stopping to smell a flower or walking intentionally through the forest. It can also be achieved through meditative practice or by taking time in our routine to enjoy a cup of tea.


A cup of tea is an opportunity to experience wellness.

As you place your hands around your cup and raise it to your lips there is an opportunity sense your presence in the world. It is a moment to remind yourself, I am here, I am important, and I am deserving. As you breathe in the aroma of the leaves and flowers and palate their essences\ there lies a chance to recognize the vastness of existence and honor that you are a part of its beauty and abundance. Within each sip there is a space to remember that you are supported by the earth and the plants and animals who reside here.

|| ritual || A cup of tea to cultivate gratitude &


All you need to practice this meditative ritual is your favorite loose-leaf tea, a tea pot or tea strainer, your favorite mug, freshly boiled water and 15 (or more) minutes of quietude.

|| take it slow ||

The point of this practice is to move a little more slowly, to cultivate a stillness within yourself and above all to fully experience a moment of the day and to cultivate gratitude.

Gather your supplies, find a comfortable place and turn off all distractions.

Moving slowly, fill your tea pot or strainer with the proper amount of loose-leaf tea. As you pour the flowers, leaves, or roots into the vessel take notice of their color, their textures, the way they smell or feel.

|| sense your presence in the moment ||

As you pour the freshly boiled water over the tea notice how the aroma of the plant material awakens as the water and the plants merge. Breathe the aroma in deeply and allow yourself to sense the essence of the plants taking a moment with any visuals or feelings that may arise within your imagination as the tisane steeps.

When a few moments have passed and the tea is fully steeped remove the plant matter from the fresh tea and say gratitude for the plants and the expression of wholeness and abundance that they reflect to us from the natural world.

|| relax & remember ||

Find a comfortable place to sit and enjoy each sip of your infusion knowing that all is well, that you are supported, and that you are a microcosm of the vast beauty and magic of the natural world.

Remember, you are here, you have purpose, you are worthy.