Aligning with the Cosmos | Full Moon Astrology for June 2021

Hello beautiful,

This is a space to explore the planetary energies aligning in the sky around the time of Full Moon in Capricorn opposite the sun in Cancer this Thursday, June 24th AND moving into the end of June and into July.

In it I provide you my interpretation of these planetary movements and practical tips to mindfully approach these planetary shifts. Plus, I give you some solid journal prompts at the end!

My hope for you is that you take the pieces that resonate for you and use them as support to mindfully navigate your day to day.

Thank you for sharing this moment with me you brilliant and luminous being, you <3


Courtney Paige

Why Astrology?

Astrology is a deeply intuitive practice based on archetypes and the movement energy between our planetary body and the celestial bodies of our heavens. It is based upon ancient ways of perceiving the universe and our place within it that were created when humans still had an active language for the intangible.

It is no question that celestial bodies affect our planet- you can see that clearly from how our moon moves the waves in the ocean. Astrology gives us a language to describe the influence of these celestial bodies, creating a more tangible use of their influence.

You are a physical manifestations of the earth and the cosmos. Becoming aware of the planetary energies and how they are aligning allows you to become more in tune with your own energy so that, if you choose to, you can be more grounded and informed through your earth journey.

In astrology literature you often hear the phrase- as above so below- as within so without. To get to the point- we live in a fractal - the patterns that make up the cells in our body can also be seen on a universal level. So it makes sense that as we become more aware of ourselves we begin to look out to the stars to find more meaning and order in this vast existence.

Put simply- you are made of clay and star dust! So understanding the elements that come together to make you a whole being gives you an opportunity to know yourself better, too!

Full Moon Energy

Full moons illuminate the patterns and archetypes in our lives so that we can become more conscious of them- consider the concept of the night and the moon being associated with the unconscious. So, the moon fully reflecting the sun shines light into the unconscious and gives you an opportunity to become more aware.

The Full Moon in Capricorn Opposite Sun in Cancer

Before we get into the archetypal concepts- it is also important to remember that the manifestation of the archetypes within our worlds depends on the individual level of personal development- so for each of the planetary and zodiac archetypes there is the completely realized level of manifestation or the 'positive attributes' and the non realized level of manifestation of 'negative attributes'.

With the archetypes of Capricorn and Cancer- we see the nurturing, emotionally aware on the high end of Cancer and the over emotional, or vindictive aspects on the lower end illuminating the Capricorn moon - symbolizing our inner authority and personal power. On the high end this Capricorn is ambition, realistic, and disciplined, but in the non realized or negative side this can energy can become rigid or stuck and overly obsessed with image .

Breaking this down overall this is an opportunity for you to look at where you focus your personal power and who you give your authority to. And also how you use your personal power, particularly in the realm of caring and emotional responsibility.

Do you hold yourself accountable for your emotional well being? Do you project your emotions/shadow aspects of self onto others? Are you open in your heart? Are there places you are closed off or rigid?

The Dance of Venus and Pluto

This energy is further amplified by a Pluto retrograde forming an opposition to Venus in Cancer which began on the 20th around the summer solstice and will continue until the 25th. Pluto, the planet of shadow work and deep truths, retrograde in Capricorn, formed an opposition to Venus, how we express our love, in Cancer- the nurturer.

In astrology when planets form aspects to one another they align in our skies, forming geometric patterns from our position here on Earth. These patterns can either amplify the energy of the planets or create tension between them. Oppositions are a motivating and communicative pattern between the planets.

In the case of Pluto retrograde and Venus, this is an opportunity to become more aware about how we express our empathy for others and become conscious of how we include ourselves in our compassion for humanity.

Venus in Cancer is a sensitive and compassionate alignment- it calls us to deeper sensitivity and awareness of how we nurture others and share with humanity. It is a chance to deepen our compassion to the human and planetary experience at this moment. But with the opposition to Pluto retrograde this is also a moment to become aware of if you are playing out the shadow aspect of the caregiver- the martyr.

Are you including yourself in that compassionate care? You are also a part of humanity- and you can not fill from an empty cup. This is a chance to recognize that how you’re loving yourself directly impacts your ability to provide care for the whole.

The highest manifestation of this energy seems to me to the ability to be open to love while also maintaining strong boundaries and self respect.

This is a good opportunity to check in with your heart- reflect on the people who you care about, the people you give a lot of your time and energy to- becoming mindful of how much you are giving outwards vs. how much you are allowing yourself to receive.

It is important to reflect now on what it is that you really enjoy doing and what things you do out of obligation. Then, brainstorm ways you can show love from that place of joy rather than obligation. Consider ways that you can say no, thank you to the things that feel heavy or obligatory in a loving and kind way without shame or guilt.

Your energy is precious- where you focus it creates the type of life you live- and becoming aware of your personal energy exchange can take time because its not something that we are taught but it is essential to finding more harmony and balance in your life.

Neptune and Jupiter Retrograde Energies

So with the moon and Pluto in Capricorn and the Sun and Venus in Cancer there is a lot earth and water energy playing out. To further amplify the effects of the water element- with Jupiter already retrograde and and Neptune going retrograde on the 25th of June both in Pisces.

Retrograde cycles are traditionally times when the energy of that planetary body is weakened from our vantage point here on earth. With Neptune and Jupiter- two outer planets, this energy is felt in a slower and more prolonged way than say a Mercury retrograde because these planets move much slower than the inner planets of the solar system. So what are the effects of these retrograde energies?

Jupiter Retrograde

Jupiter is known as an expansive and benevolent planet it is associated with being a helpful and lady lucky kind of energy. When it goes retrograde we can feel a bit restricted in our growth but this bit of restriction can be just the push we need to reevaluate how we are growing or expanding in our personal lives.

If you are aligned on your journey then this could be a period of recognizing that alignment and come with further synchronicities and expansion. On the other hand- if you are not fully aligned then you may feel the need to shed some of the layers of misalignment at this time. Each day you have a choice of how you show up and where you focus your energy and effort- if you feel like you’re hitting a brick wall, maybe its time to step back and refocus your vision and effort.

In the sign of Pisces - the intuitive, spiritual, dreamy sign of the zodiac you will likely feel this particularly amplified in your spiritual and dream world. What are your intuitive insights or dreams calling you to do at this moment?

As an invitation- If you need support in interpreting your dreams or deciphering your intuitive voice from your inner critic, this is my realm of expertise and love helping others in this way. If support to find clarity from your dream world feels aligned for you in this moment you can book a consultation with me and we can dive into that work together.

Something else worth noting about this retrograde cycle is that Jupiter is currently in the sign of Pisces but will dip into Aquarius at the end of July around the 28th. The last time that Jupiter was in Aquarius was December of 2020 to May of 2021 so you will likely experience some clarity or opportunities to delve back into what was happening during that period for you intuitively or psychically.

Neptune Retrograde

With Neptune retrograde we also see this slow moving- long term revealing. With Neptune this revealing is in the realm of inspiration, dreams and illusion. What inspires you and what illusions do you need to shed to align to your inspiration?

Neptune is the planet of inspiration and dreams but also illusion and fantasy. In retrograde you will feel a removal of the illusions or false realities that have been blocking your view and a gentle and subtle call to reconsider your dreams and how you align to them. This is a period of deep clarity and you can tune into that energy through meditation and creating more room for presence in your body and with your inner voice.

It is an excellent time to look realistically at how your dreams and your actions align. In the sign of Pisces your ability to use your spiritual and intuitive gifts will be amplified - so pay attention to your dream world and inner insight and use that wisdom to decipher your truth from illusion.

Journal Prompts to Dive Deeper

With the grounding energy of Capricorn on this full moon it feels like an excellent opportunity to anchor all of these watery, intuitive and emotional energies that are amplifying your ability to be authentic and honest with yourself in a deeply intuitive way.

Some good questions to journal on this full moon are:

What is my inner voice speaking to me day in and day out?

What are my dreams symbolically showing to me that needs to be seen at this moment?

What relationships, patterns, behaviors and beliefs in my life are out of alignment with my long term vision for myself and/or my highest good?

What does love of humanity mean to me? Do I include myself in this love?

What is my dream for my life? Do my daily actions align me to my dream? Do I have the resources and foundation to achieve those dreams? If not, what do I need to shift to make those available?

Does my self care routine provide me with the energy and inner resources to create my dreams into reality?

Courtney Paige is the founder and medicine woman behind Elder Moon. She is an herbalist, shamanic practitioner, dream interpreter, and self taught astrologer who guides others to follow their soul led path. You can connect deeper with her work here.