Aligning With the Cosmos| New Moon in Cancer July 9th 2021

The new moon is a moment of completion and rebirth. A chance to take the lessons you’ve gathered over the last cycle - integrate them and begin again. What lessons have the last four weeks given you? What came to light on the full moon two weeks ago? Are you ready to fully release what is no longer needed and align to a more fruitful new cycle?

Relating to the stars provides a framework for relating to this universal experience. After all, what are we but embodied bits of stardust cycling through the milky way?

The beauty of astrology is that it reveals the patterns emerging in your world and gives you a chance to decide how will you navigate them. Fate and free will- Yes, you were born with a personality and karma - but you have power to choose and evolve. There is no good or bad on that journey- only choices that have consequences. Which ones can you live with?

New Moon in Cancer

On July 9th from our vantage point on Earth we will witness the sun and moon align in Cancer for a new moon. Cancer portrays the archetype of the mother - caring, self-sacrificing, emotionally driven, keeper of the hearth and home. There is a sweetness to this energy but also the danger of falling into the martyr if you ignore the importance of filling your own cup before you attempt to fill others'. Finding the balance is in how you give and express emotionally is key.

Cancer is a cardinal sign - moving us into the season of Summer -it is an initiating and fertile energy. This is an ideal moment to revel in the fruits of life and the abundance of the natural world. This being a new moon- it is an excellent time to get intentional about what you'd like to see all that abundance in your life become. You've been given abundant opportunities but if you're still giving energy to what is no longer fruitful those opportunities won't get the energy they need to grow to their full potential. It's time to get intentional about what you choose to give your energy to because it will determine how abundant your harvest will be.

Connecting with the Outer Planets

At the time of the moon and sun in Cancer will be dancing with many of the outer planets - expanding on the opportunity of this moment.

The sun and moon will form a trine to Neptune (retrograde) in Pisces, a sextile to Uranus in Taurus and an opposition to Pluto (retrograde) in Capricorn. Expect big picture awakenings!

Neptune the ruler of dreams and fantasy in retrograde in the intuitive sign of Pisces is lifting the veil of illusion over the next six months. As it forms this trine to the moon in cancer you get a non BS opportunity to take stock of what will and will not work in the pursuit of your dreams. What is your intuition speaking to you? What's showing up in your dream world? Are you listening? What inner work are you avoiding? Are there things you are lying to yourself about? Time to fess up!

Pluto retrograde in Capricorn continues to support us to evaluate our personal power dynamics and how we express our inner authority. What is it that you give your power away to? Where are you still refusing to step up and take the initiative to get your dreams off the ground? Do you get stuck in cycles of blame or victimhood? You, and only you, have the power to change your life for better or for worse. Excuses only get you stuck in the mud when you should be soaring!

Uranus the planet of revolution and evolution in Taurus has been dancing in the sky with Saturn in Aquarius all year generating a little bit of friction to fuel the revolution. What is it that needs to crumble so that we can grow better? On the new moon Uranus will be sextile to the moon and sun- it's time to shake things up a bit! Be the leader of your own inner revolution and don't be afraid to be radical!

Venus & Mars in Leo

As we experience all of this juiciness we also have Venus and Mars dancing around in the sign of Leo and playing off the Uranus/Saturn Square. Leo is associated with the heart, spine, upper back and the solar plexus chakra - it is that energy that calls you out onto the dance floor or up on the podium and says 'shine baby shine!'

With the two personal planets moving through Leo and forming a conjunction on July 13th you may feel that fiery energy revealing something about how you relate to the sensual world. What is it that we cherish and admire and how do you go after it? What is your personal flavor of expression? This is a moment to step into it fully!

It could also be a benevolent time for fiery romance if you're open to a loving relationship or you may get clarity about your personal love language and the what you want in life if you are not.

Food for Thought

What will you do with this one sacred and spectacular life you have been given? In truth- everything is possible and you are the master of your reality - may as well make it fun!

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Courtney Paige is the founder and medicine woman behind Elder Moon. She is an herbalist, shamanic practitioner, dream interpreter, and self taught astrologer who guides others to follow their soul led path. You can connect deeper with her work here.