A Poem for Early Summer

Kissing Day Lilies

by Courtney Paige

The air was anticipation and honeysuckle blooms

The sweet breath of early Summer, full of promise and hope

Dew drops collected premonitions under a hymn of birdsong

It was the kind of morning that brings you to your knees

And that is where I found myself, reckoning with the sheer wonder of it all

Drinking down dew drops, desperate with desire


Why do the birds sing?

Biology in its infinite intellect would answer simply,

To fulfill a primal need- to reproduce

But what of the longing that pulses under all of living, that precedes each conception?

Where does it go when the song is over?

And do the birds ever long for the clouds?

An unattainable reprieve, an escape from the necessity of flight

Of the million questions a heart can ask - these are my own

That I have grappled with at dawn

As the sun and I kiss the dew from day lilies