Real Life Magic for the Practical Witch

The thing about magic & witches.....Real life magic isn't some fancy illusion. It is practical, tangible, and available to anyone who cares to pay attention.

It can be found in the way that matter combines to create a whole being that is you- in the energy waves transmitting information across space- in the wisdom of plants and their communication - in how the birds sense the magnetic pull of the earth's ley lines, in the wonder that if given enough time the ocean will clean itself- in the power you have to manifest your reality - It's in this breath, this heartbeat, this once in a lifetime moment -This is real-life-magic.

So, then, what is a witch? A witch is nothing more than a wise woman who acknowledges that real life magic resides within each and every moment, it's held within stories and songs and resides in every living thing, on every corner of the earth. And its not just out there- it bubbles up from within you.