Support When Life Feels Uncertain | A free herbal guide with bonus ritual and mantra

Uncertainty has its way of leaving you vulnerable and tender.

While you may realize that change is inevitable, it can be painful to let go of what is safe and comfortable or to have to say good bye to someone or something you love.

But the truth is that the tenderness of transition strengthens the soul. It softens the heart and provides a portal for you to open to the beauty and magic of this world.

Impermenance is the reality of living and truthfully it is what makes each moment so sacred.

Like ephemerals in spring, each season of life eventually drifts away to make space for the beauty of the next season to unfold. Each dying flower adds seeds or nourishment to create fertile foundations for new life; just as each season builds upon the remininsce of the last.

It is your gift to the future to hold your sacred ground with love and appreciation, nourishing the gifts you have been given right here and right now with gratitude and exercising faith in the universal process of unfolding so that the miracles can be seeded through you for the seasons/generations yet to come.

The Earth offers incredible gifts to support you through the discomfort of transition. Click here to meet a few.