Winter Solstice Magic | Make the Most of the Seasonal Shift

The season surrounding the winter solstice is filled with magic- winter’s chill laces the air and the fresh scent of evergreens permeates our homes, The songs of joy and peace enfold the mystical wonder of this season.

Winter is death with the promise of rebirth. Even with all our science and understanding there is still something mystical about how the plants store their vital force deep within their roots awaiting patiently the perfect moment of Spring to awaken again. As the natural world undergoes the restorative cycle of rebirth we too are afforded the opportunity to dive within the recesses of our psyche to reflect and revitalize ourselves for the year ahead.

When we take notice of the rhythms of the natural world and the elements and how they are mirrored within our own bodies we are given a key to unlock greater vitality.

Winter is a time to restore, replenish, and reevaluate what we hope to embody and perpetuate on the other side of the cycle of renewal.

We can make the most of the energy of the season by taking time to reflect on our roots, where we pull our nourishment from, what it is that we keep hidden away in the darkness, and what it is that we want to flourish in the coming year.

Whatever you focus your energy on grows and that growth depends on the type of energy that you are giving. You have the power to shape your reality into whatever you dream of. You have the potential to create magic and miracles in your life simply by becoming more aware of the miracles of nature that already exist right outside of your window and finding gratitude for the unique purpose you play within the unfolding of those miracles.

Before we move into a new year, take this moment to reflect honestly on what it is that you nourish in your life.

To harness the medicine of the season- honestly journal on:

Is your reality aligned with your dreams and goals or are you focusing your nutrients on outdated and limiting beliefs and programming or on other's beliefs of what is best for your life?

What is it that you most desire?

What are the patterns of blockages holding you back from experiencing your dreams?

What habits are you perpetuating that inhibit you from living in vibrant well being?

Are you ready to step into the next year fully embodied and aligned with what sparks your joy?

Who do you need to show up as to embody that version of you?

Really take time to journal with this - don't sell yourself short. With greater clarity comes greater transformation!


Courtney Paige